The Sequential Logic to Earn Money

Dear Reader,

Though there are various methods and tactics to earn money online, there is a sequential logic that starts with your own website and blog. Because when your site is ranked high in Google you will receive a lot more traffic. Basically your Blog must redirect to your website by placing your website URL in your Blog Post signature.

On your website there is relative content that matches the conversations on your blog, this way you will optimize the best keywords and create your content based on that. In turn besides the promotion on your website, you must have your own Web Form at the bottom of your website Home page.


The promotional part of your website should be isolated to a single page with a Title like “Tools I Use” or “My Favorites”, something that draws attention to authenticity. Once your Website, Blog and Email List are properly assembled you will be ready for Traffic.

Allow me to suggest Article Writing and eBook Publishing as both are among my personal favorites. However, you need to direct the traffic by means of keywords and ensure exposure by establishing the page rank of a publisher you wish to use.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie


Dumbstruck by Simplicity

Valued Reader,

Sometimes we focus so much on the shiny objects in the distance, we don’t see what’s right in front of us. Don’t think for a moment that something seemingly simple cannot make a huge change, because it’s all about leverage.

I’m using a truly simple tactic to get the most exposure to my comments and audience engagement by simply making sure I’m commenting on a high page rank site. Needless to say, this all goes hand in hand with keyword research.

Writers Write Meme

I’m sharing these free tools on my website, and a little insight on using them effectively. Take a look, let me know what you think…

Proven Viral Marketing Methods and Tactics 

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie

Is there really a Secret?

Dear Valued Reader,

Don’t think it’s as much a secret than it may be a procrastination because it requires a lot of work. There’s no real “Secret” to making money online, because the basic principle of the method remains the same. It’s with Content that most newbies get stuck because the basics include “addressing a need”, “offering a solution” and “inspiring a desire”.

And the most important part…you Must know what you’re talking about, and you can only acquire that skill by personally trying and mastering some methods. In turn this will allow you the opportunity to Inspire your audience with proven solutions, and build their trust.


Allow me to use one of my personal websites as reference to invite your valuable comment. I have included some extremely effective Free tools I use. And the site title are clear indication to the niche.

Proven Viral Marketing Methods and Tactics 

Wishing you Prosperity,

Deon Christie


Blogger or WordPress?

Dear reader,

The two main hosted blog types, are Blogger and WordPress – you’ll find that whenever a discussion about where its best to host your blog, if you’re not hosting it yourself, that these two are rated the highest.

So which of the two services is better?

Ultimately, both services will offer you a strong and solid base to blog from, but there are a couple of distinct differences between Blogger and WordPress.


WordPress hosted services are not designed to be used for commercial purposes – nevertheless, most people do.  You get a choice of themes (and without paying, you can’t design your own theme) and a choice of plugins.  You can ‘map’ your domain to the site, for a fee, giving you the appearance of  hosting it yourself.

But its disadvantages include being at the mercy of a third party site, and needing to pay for additional ‘services’.  These still cost less than buying hosting and setting the blog up yourself.



Blogger is owned by Google, and is designed around ease of use.  You can ‘ftp’ your blog onto your own site, or host at a  domain of your choice.  Blogger doesn’t use plugins, but does let you use your own theme, within certain limits.

A huge community has been built around Blogger, but unlike WordPress they allow commercial based blogs as well as non commercial, which means they are more prone to spam.

In conclusion.  If you really can’t host your own blog at your own site, play with both WordPress and Blogger, because ultimately, the main difference will be between which one your more comfortable with.  And that’s the one you should use.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie

You may not Believe This!

Dear reader,

First allow me to thank each and every one of all my new followers to this brand new Blog. Started this Blog almost two weeks ago and the response is quite unexpected, and of-coarse made possible by all of you.

Originally, I actually started this Blog with domain selection and keyword targeting purely for instructional purpose. I was busy writing an eBook on how to create a Blog, selecting the Domain and Title and the importance of keyword targeting.


Kind of serves as a Confirmation to the effectiveness of keyword targeting, and relevant content…

Wishing you all Prosperity,

Deon Christie

Using article sites to drive traffic to your blog

Valued Reader,

Article sites are still, stickiness wise, one of the single best ways to drive traffic and build a name as a expert, all at the same time.

So how does this tie to your blog?

Well, for a start, if you’re blogging on the same topic as you’re writing content on, you should have a fairly good niche to promote into – and can use any of your longer, more coherent posts as article content.  But if you want it to work really well, there are a couple of steps you MUST follow.

Make sure your article is coherent. Blog posts, by their nature are supposed to be less informal than the standard ‘article’ – like you’re having an intimate conversation with a group of friends, instead of a more impersonal discussion with your readers, but at the same time,  the best blog posts make TERRIBLE articles.  So a blog post that is also going to be used on article submission sites should be both interesting, and slightly more ‘formal’ than standard blog posts.

Post it on your blog, and add your resource box at the end – you can make it clear that its a free reprint if you want, or you can simply post it in a category for your reprints. That way, you can offer a feed of your reprints too, and include the link in your resource box.  Also include the permalink to the post itself in your post – which means you will need to edit the post after posting the first time.

without fear

Wait a month – in that month, submit the article to any bookmarking sites, and ensure that you maximize its impact by encouraging your readers to ‘vote’ for it too.

Ensure your post is in the search engines by searching for the first line of your article. If its not in the search engines, work on getting it there – read up on site maps and other products designed to get you in the search engines.

Submit your content to a maximum of 10 reprint sites. Make sure your resource box doesn’t break any of their rules, and make sure that you leave comments OPEN on these posts if you close them ordinarily.

Following these five steps won’t guarantee your success in using article marketing, but they will eliminate most of the serious beginner mistakes people make when submitting to article reprint sites.

Talk soon,

Deon Christie

Advertising Your Blog In Your Email Signature

If you have a blog that you are particularly proud of, and that you want to share with other people, there are a lot of free ways that you can get your blog noticed.

One of those ways is something that you do everyday, and that you may not even consider as a way to share your blog. Put the link to your blog in your email signature. Chances are that you send out emails more times than you can count during the day. Each time you send out an email, you can advertise your blog by putting the address of your blog in your email’s signature.

It’s always a good idea to write something catchy like, See what I am up to now, or Read my latest chapter of my work here, depending on what type of blog you have. The thing to remember about putting an advertisement in your signature for your blog is to make it short, but eye-catching.


You want people to be interested enough to want to click on it, but you also don’t want to scare them off. Just like it is with any advertisement, you want to give them just enough to be interested and take a closer look at what it is that you are advertising.

Think about what it is that your blog is about. What is really going to interest people about it and want to visit That is what you should include in your signature, and that is what is going to get people to go to your blog.


Deon Christie

6 Tips To Harness The Power Of Blogging

Valued Reader,

Several factors determine how powerful your blogging can be in improving your search engine position. Blogs get picked up by search engines quickly, but you need to make sure that your blog is optimized for search engines.

First, your blog title and URL structure must be just right! Your URL must be search engine friendly and user friendly. Your blog URL must be short and concise. It is also important for the name of your blog URL to be related to your online business niche.

Blog everyday! This is the most important tip. Powerful blogs that attract large volumes of traffic and bring results are those that are updated regularly. Search engines will pick up the new content and this will increase your ranking on search engines.

Categorize the content on your blog, making sure that you use your keywords, as this will increase the search engine ranking of your blog and website. If your website blog is about starting a home business, you can have categories like “home business opportunities”, “home business tips for success”, “secrets for making money online” and “make money online examples”. Be creative and have interesting categories for your blog. Using various keywords for your niche improves your search engine ranking for all these keywords.


You must tag your content. If you want your blog posts to get high visibility and exposure, it is important that you tag your content. You can do this by using pre-installed plug-ins in your blog script.

Ping every time you add new content to your site. Whenever you add new blog posts, ping your blog to alert search engines that you have added new content on your site.

Submit your blog to blog directories and niche directories. This will help you to get traffic directed from these directories and also create one way links to your site from these directories. All this increase your search engine position.

Use the tips outlined above to boost the power of your blogging and improve your position on search engines.

Talk soon,

Deon Christie

5 Top Qualities of a Successful Blogger

Dear reader,

If you want to own a blog that drives massive volumes of traffic to your website, there are certain qualities that you should have.

Outlined in this article are the qualities which you must have if you want to be a successful blogger.

A serious blogger is hard working. As you know, you need to write content for your blog regularly. This means that you will need to do some writing, which requires some effort. You can’t generate huge volumes of traffic to your blog and website if you are lazy and are not prepared to spend some time writing your content. If you have some funds, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your blog content. One way or another, some effort or resources are required to prepare your blog content.

A successful blogger is resourceful and full of ideas. It is important for your blog to be captivating, useful and interesting so that you have regular visitors as well as new visitors. You must therefore think about ways of making your blog unique and appealing to your visitors. Think about the needs and interests of people in your niche and identify what your visitors would like to see on your blog.


A successful blogger looks for all the opportunities to make money from the blog. There are many ways through which you can make money on your blog. You can sell your own products and services, you can sell affiliate products and you can sell some advertising space. If your blog gets high volume of traffic, you can make a lot of money with your blog.

A serious blogger looks for ways to drive traffic to the website. You can exchange traffic with other blogs and websites in the same niche. This is particularly effective if these websites have high popularity rank as this will in turn help to increase your blog and website ranking.

A successful blogger never gives up. It takes time and effort to drive traffic to your blog or website and start making some sales. Consistent blogging is therefore essential. Never give up.

If you have these five qualities discussed above, you can be a successful blogger, generate high volumes of traffic and make huge online profits.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

Keyword population and Domains

Dear reader,

Keyword population plays a crucial role when creating content aimed at ranking your website, with no exception to domain selection. It a good idea to have at least one or two keywords you wish to rank for in your domain name and website or blog title.

Just gave my website a bit of a face lift, and inviting all my valuable followers to comment so I may improve and share even more valuable information. What would you like to see more off?

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